Brief Facts and Location of the Arts of Collin County in Texas

Collin County | Texas Almanac

Collin County | Texas Almanac

The Arts of Collin County will be a welcomed addition around State Highway 121 and Exchange Parkway. This far mid-north region of Allen, Texas will have a 124 acre park.

With plans of being finished before 2011, this enormous facility will have a mid-size theater, low-rise office centers, 2100 seat main hall, education center, 4,000 seat amphitheater and mixed retail.

Judging by the map on the brochure I have, there appears to be a total of 16 building to be built. One of these is out among a line of trees by what looks like a parking area. This could be the visiting center.

There will be over 2700 parking spaces for this enormous project. The estimated funding for this project is current set at a whopping $60 million, with some of it being spent over the next few years.

This will bring a little more economy to Allen. Although, the main reason for this project is to bring a more cultured aspect to the general Allen area.

With Dart Rail quoting a $30 million estimate on so many miles of track and buildings, the Arts of Collin County will not see any tourism from this transit system anytime soon.

The City of Allen will continue with its pedestrian and non-gasoline powered trails through this area.

A main focal point on this layout is to keep as much of the tree line as possible around the old creeks without disrupting nature as much as possible. Allen is known for keeping a well-manicured city with certain laws in tact.

The sculpted gardens are expected to draw many outsiders to the luxury of water fountains, and points of interests. The Arts of Collin County is expected to also lure the local garden nurseries and special interest clubs for local discussions.

The visual art studios will allow local and nearby artists to show off their talent by way of appointments. This boost in culture will also bring musicians to perform inside and out for those who enjoy music.

The lowering economy has not put a damper on the plans for the Arts of Collin County. Yet, most of the other building around town has diminished greatly.

The Allen Image and Plano/Allen newspaper are good sources in keeping up with the current changes in preliminary costs, stages of development, and revisions of structures or parking lots.

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