Creative Jobs for Fine Artists

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37 Evergreen Careers for Creative Personalities - Career CliffCustom Wall Paintings: As a fine artist, you can get freelance jobs working for homeowners who want to decorate their home interior. This is a great opportunity to make money drawing and painting on bedroom walls, furniture and even staircases. You can find a lot of clients by partnering with stores that sell maternity clothing. Parents who want to prepare a nursery before their child is born can hire you to create scenery for a child’s room. Build a portfolio of samples that you can enlarge and paint on walls.

Potential clients who do not have their own plans for the paintings can use your concepts as a reference. This can also make it easier for you to complete a job assignment in this field or work. Following your clients ideas may not always be easy, even if their concepts are detailed. You all will more than likely have different interpretations of what the final wall painting should look like. Base your prices on the materials needed and time needed to complete each job.

Your price should also reflect the amount of detail that will go into making a custom wall painting for homeowners. Instead of charging an hourly rate, it may be best to charge per square foot. A lot of mural artists come up with their prices this way. Mural artists charge between $10 and $40 per square foot. These fees can add up and it is not impossible to hear mural artists give a $5,000 quote for one job. You can also charge by the day and see how much can be done within and six to eight hour timeframe. A fine artist can make over $1,000 in one week by doing custom wall paintings.

Wedding Correspondence: Fine artists can get freelance jobs all year round by creating original pieces of correspondence for weddings. This is a fun service for selective couples or wedding planners who seek one-of-a-kind invitations. Do not be one dimensional in the services that you offer when working on weddings. Fine artists can make more money by convincing couples to add wedding ceremony programs to their custom order. A fine artist can finish this type of job by creating one original design and then taking it to a printing company for reproductions.

However, the highest quality pieces of wedding correspondence are usually handmade. There is no reason for couples or wedding planners to hire fine artists if they are not going to get correspondence that is truly custom-made. As an artist, you could make more money by charging couples per piece instead of by one whole volume. Fine artists charge between $4 and $15 for each wedding invitation. You could also make a packaged deal of 100 to 125 wedding invitations for $500.