Donna Dewberry One-Stroke Painting Technique Review and Suggestions

Have you seen the Donna Dewberry one-stroke painting technique on TV or in your local craft store and want to know more before you spend all your cash? You have come to the right place! I am a newly obsessed one-stroke painting technique fan. If you think you can't paint, this system will prove you wrong in five minutes! Scared about the money it will cost to buy supplies? That's OK! I will tell you where I personally buy all my supplies to save a ton of money. You are probably still thinking that you cannot possibly learn to paint beautiful things in five minutes. I thought the same thing. The one-stroke system is brilliant. Donna Dewberry has created and developed her technique for many years. If someone asked me to paint a rose in the past, I would have laughed and told them there was no way. If someone were to ask me to paint a rose now, I would ask them for a brush and a little paint! Are you ready to get started now?

If you are ready to paint now and cannot wait any longer, there are two products I would buy first to get started. This is also the least expensive way to see if you like the technique. At Michael's craft store or Joann's fabric store, you can find one-stroke painting supplies in its own neat section. I would suggest buying a kit (they are around ten dollars) that comes with two brushes, six small samples of paints, a worksheet teaching how to paint a one-stroke item, and a plastic sheet to practice on over the worksheet. I purchased the classic "cabbage rose" kit. The rose is great for a beginner. The mistake I made was assuming I would understand the worksheet. I didn't. I had to go back and purchase a basic stroke DVD which was around six dollars. You can spend less than twenty dollars to get started. If you have extra cash I would also suggest purchasing the "script liner" brush. It is optionally used on the cabbage rose worksheet. This brush can be used to add curly vines and give some spunk to your painting. This brush costs between four and five dollars at a craft store.

After I watched the basic strokes DVD with Donna Dewberry, it all clicked in my head how the strokes were being made on the worksheet. I immediately went to paint and was determined to paint a rose. It was so simple. My rose was quite sloppy at first so I went and watched the DVD again which helped. I can't stress enough how much the DVD helps before you try to start painting. This kit also teaches you how to do the leaves and paint wisteria with the included "scruffy" brush. This system is so much fun and so easy.

The simplicity of the system and the fact that I could paint a flower fueled my obsession with the technique. I researched the one-stroke website and everything about it. I bought all the brushes, paint trays, paints, worksheets, and tools. You are not limited at all with this system. If you don't like flowers and bright colors, you are in luck! Donna Dewberry has taken the one-stroke technique to the highest level. She has compiled a worksheet package (six dollars) on how to do one-stroke landscapes. All of the worksheet packages come with six sheets full of one-stroke items. Amazing! I found that there are a ton of books which are well worth the money. These books have a wealth of information detailing how to use the FolkArt paints and brushes. They also have stencils of all her designs in the middle that can be pulled out and traced. There are endless worksheets with instructions on anything you desire to paint. I was amazed at finding that I could paint anything I wanted with this system. Just to name a few, there are worksheets to teach pumpkins, all flowers, trees, birdhouses, Christmas trees, teddy bears, bugs, fruits, candy canes, and all animals! There are even worksheets on how to do one-stroke lettering. The possibilities are endless. I wanted to paint a squirrel and I knew there was no way Donna Dewberry had a one-stroke squirrel. I looked it up on the Internet and to my amazement there is a worksheet with a one-stroke squirrel. Some worksheets are discontinued and hard to find, but can be found somewhere still in circulation. This technique and product line impresses me more everyday.

Would you like to know more about the product line and possibilities? There are many books, worksheets, DVDs, teaching guides, paints, brushes, and other tools. If you find you are really enjoying this technique, I would suggest purchasing more of her DVDs. I am a visual person and these helped me to paint her technique better. I will admit that my local craft stores do not carry any of the DVDs except the basic one. I had to scout them out on the Internet. Donna Dewberry has designed signature items such as a rolling cart, tote bag, paint brush roll-up case, and a paint bottle roll-up case all covered with her one-stroke rose pattern. There are also other supplies which are very durable such as an easel, paintbrush basin, and a painting palette. So far all of these products are well designed and have pleased me. I have went so far as to ordering the special paintbrushes with Donna Dewberry's signature rose pattern on the handles. Maybe I am going too far, but I sure am having fun doing it.

Last but not least, the supplies were draining my checkbook and might drain yours too. After some research, there is no better way to get these products than through eBay. The local craft stores charge double for something you can get brand new on eBay for half of the price. For example, in the craft stores each instruction book is eight to ten dollars. I got twenty-six different books for fifty dollars with free shipping from eBay. The books were brand new and wonderful. This is also where I found all the seasons of her one-stroke show on DVD. I know that not everyone uses eBay, but it is a wonderful way to find these products for half of the cost at a store. Another idea is to use the coupons that Michael's craft store puts out which is usually fifty percent off of one product. Use one each week and that would be better than finding it on eBay! I used their coupons and got all of my brush sets with them.

In conclusion, I highly suggest this system to anyone that desires to paint. I thought I could never paint. Donna Dewberry's one-stroke painting technique has transformed me into an artist! All of my friends and family are still in shock after seeing things I have painted.