Fingerpainting with Preschoolers and Jell-o Pudding!

Finger painting with preschoolers can be a very fun thing to do, but when these little ones eat the paint, it becomes a very big problem. Even though preschool paints are not toxic, a parent normally wonders about this often. I know of a preschool paint which is entirely toxic and it will not matter how much these preschoolers eat.

Pudding, which can easily be made and is certainly non- toxic, makes a wonderful paint for preschoolers, look at all the colors of paint you have when you use a box of Jell-o instant pudding. Finger painting with preschoolers will an excellent activity, to encourage their minds and allows them to have natural fun.

Go ahead and mix up a box or two of Jell-o instant pudding, and lay a piece of white printer paper in front of your child. Finger painting with preschoolers can begin by adding a spoonful of pudding to the paper and showing them how to do it but running your finger thru the pudding yourself.

Make swirls, circles, or squares, so them how it is done, they will soon get the idea of how to finger paint with the Jell-o instant pudding. Finger painting with preschoolers just took on a completely new meaning, and they can eat the paint, which is natural for them to do.

Preschoolers love to play with their food, so this appears natural to them and is the perfect activity for one and a half year olds right up to first graders; yes, all ages of the preschoolers can have fun with this one. Finger painting with preschoolers is also a great skill building activity.

This is great hand and eye coordination, fine motor skills, cognitive developing and just about everything else, but above all it helps them to become creative and gives a good basic start to the world of crafts. Finger painting with preschoolers gets messy.

Preschoolers will get messy that is for sure, but they have so much fun with it as one can imagine, so make sure to paint with pudding on a floor that is washable, in clothes, which are washable. Finger painting with preschoolers will be messy but clean up is a breeze with regular mopping of the floor, a sponge on surfaces, and a washing machine for the clothes.

This idea comes from one activity that happened many years ago when I just had my daughter and she was about one and a half and was involved in a preschooler playtime group on post over in South Korea. Finger painting with preschoolers, many preschoolers was a mommy and me activity that the children and their moms seemed to all enjoy.

Nancy the playgroup director had two daughters Chelsea and Abigail and together with any other moms and preschoolers, we gathered for fun group activities on a weekly basis. Amber and I both very much enjoyed the finger painting with preschoolers' activities more then the other activities.

When we did the finger painting with preschoolers' activity, we used the huge gym on post, and the entire gym floor would be filled with moms and little ones laying on the floor finger painting with jell-o brand instant pudding. Each mom cleaned up her child's mess, and we had a story and snack time as the paintings died enough to take them home.

When we came home to Pennsylvania, Amber and I still enjoyed this finger painting with preschoolers, so we began the tradition her with her cousins whom I used to baby sit. We all had fun, and I did not need to worry about toxic paints.