Hair Painting: Get Creative with Clairol Nice-n-Easy Root Touch Up

I'm not a hairdresser, but I love to play like one sometimes. I have experimented over the years with my hair, and I found a really good way to have highlights and lowlights in my hair without going to a hair professional. You have to start off with a really good base color that complements your complexion. I have to be careful about the color I put on my head, because it will turn black on me. Even blond coloring will turn black on me, but auburn colors work well on my head.

I discovered hair painting when I had applied light brown on my head and it turned black. I have a rosy complexion, so this color was just way too severe on me. So the next day I went to town and I purchased a light auburn touch up kit from Nice n Easy. Instead of re-coloring my hair I decided to paint auburn lights into my hair. Nice n Easy worked like a charm!

I was very careful about picking up strips of hair and combing the coloring through it. I didn't use foil or anything to keep the hair separated from the base hair color; it just wasn't needed. In the back of my head, where I couldn't see, I had my daughter pick out small strips of hair and she painted them.

When the coloring was on my hair for the allotted time directed on the box, I washed it out of my head and shampooed my hair. With my hair wet I saw some difference, but not a whole lot because my hair was wet. When I dried my hair it looked awesome! The base color that was once way too dark for my face was toned down by the auburn lowlights.

This wasn't just a fluke hair coloring project that turned out good once, but it turned out well every time I did it. One of my friends liked my hair so much; she asked if I could do hers. She had light brown hair, so I painted her hair with golden blond highlights. You just paint it on with the applicator in the box, but I found I liked a child's toothbrush better. I keep that toothbrush just for hair painting. The touch up kits are not meant to be used in this way, they are meant to cover up roots that are showing, but I found that it is a great way to make highlights or lowlights in your hair.

I have also painted medium brown (which turns dark on me) on auburn hair. Any way I painted my hair it always came out fantastic. I have done this for several friends now and they keep coming back to get me to do it again. Hair painting is quite easy to do, just choose a shade that will contrast your base color and compliment your complexion.

If you are someone that likes to do your own hair, and you like to experiment with color, you might try this. If you don't like it you can always re-color it. I have always liked mine.

Note: I am not a hairdresser, nor do I get paid to do hair by any of my friends. I am merely sharing with you what worked for me and my friends.