How to Decorate After Painting is Complete for Stunning Results

So you have just finished painting your home, and everything looks almost perfect. The colors are brilliant, they match your personality and you are eagerly awaiting the moment you are ready to start decorating. However, where do you even start with decorating? Should you just run to the store and start buying items, or do you just rummage around your home looking for items to use for decorating?

The majority of people tend to do a mixture of buying and pulling from what they already have. However, if you are trying to pull something together that looks perfect there is something you need to do before you start gathering supplies and that is look at the overall tone that you have set with the paint that you selected. For example, if you decorate a room in classical stylish colors you would want to avoid anything more than simple accent pieces that are bright and colorful. However, choosing a few accent pieces that are colorful yet tasteful can also help you add a splash of creative color, while still maintaining a clean flow around the home.

Not everyone has the same ideas for decorating. This is something that is certain, and unless you are sharing your home with someone else, it is important that you pick out something that you enjoy, rather than someone else to ensure that you will be ultimately happy. Because of this, it is important to choose your furniture, accessories, rugs and even pictures after you have selected your wall colors. This will allow you to select pieces that tie in well together, either by blending seamlessly or by providing a bit of contrast to your overall decorating scheme.

Regardless of how you start, the end result should always be the same, a good and well thought out room that makes you happy to be there. If you feel a sense of dread as you walk into the room then it is time to change some things around. Your home should be a happy place, and while most people consider light and bright colors to be closely associated with being happy, it is possible to take some darker or even brighter colors and incorporate them into your overall decorating scheme.

If you are decorating a large room, you may want to consider using some darker colors to help provide a cozy atmosphere. This should include choosing some dark colors for your accents and accessories as well. However, in a light room those same dark colors can make it feel constricted and cave like, to avoid this choosing light colors will help you to open up the room. One of the biggest places that this rule should be followed is in choosing a rug. You do not want to select the wrong rug for the room size, or you will be fighting trying to create the best decorating scheme possible. However, a great rug selection can emphasize a wonderful color selection in paint and really help pull the room together nicely.