Scheduling Painting Around Renovations

The idea of completely remodeling your home is rather exciting. After all, you are looking forward to creating a completely new look for your home, and the sheer anticipating of waiting on all of the work to be done is rather exciting. Yet there are sometimes problems with ensuring that all of the work is organized in a logical manner that works out best. After all, scheduling work in the wrong order can cause delays, as well as problems in your freshly painted walls being damaged or your fresh floors being damaged. Ensuring you avoid these problems is essential to having the best experience possible.

Typically, it is best to schedule painting on a day when the temperatures are not very cold. This will allow the paint to dry much faster. If possible, you should try to schedule painting on a day that has very little if any humidity and is at least a warm temperature of 70 degrees Fahrenheit or warmer. This provides the optimal circumstances for paint to dry and will allow it to dry much faster with fewer complications.

Once you have the best temperatures possible to work with you can feel free to move onto determining exactly where in the process to schedule the painters. Typically, the best advice is to hire a general contractor who will be responsible for coordinating everyone to ensure that all of the appropriate tasks are followed. However, if you are doing this part yourself you are not completely without hope. The first step is ensure that all work to the walls is finished before scheduling the painters. This will allow you to ensure that the painters are not trying to paint walls that are not completed yet.

You should in an ideal world schedule the painters as the very last group of contractors to come into your home. If you take the time to put the painters last, you will not have to worry about dust or debris that is in the air floating around getting stuck in the paint and causing a strange appearance, nor will you have to worry about other crews accidently bumping into the wet paint and causing problems. However, worst case scenario you could also schedule the painters to come a few days before the floors were finished.

If possible doing floors before painting is best since the painters can easily cover the floors, but the floor crew cannot easily cover the walls. It is sometimes not always possible to have work done in the perfect order, but if possible you should strive for this order to ensure that your finished home looks the best possible. With some coordination ahead of time, you should not have many difficulties in working to organize all of your contractors, this leaves you with more time to ensure you have selected the best paint colors for your needs, as well as keep the entire project running as smoothly as possible.