Summer Craft Activity for Kids: Chalk Painting

If you are looking for a summer craft activity for kids of all ages that requires minimal supervision and mess, chalk painting may be for you. This type of art is a variation of traditional sidewalk chalk drawing that increases the variety and complexity of designs and allows kids of all ages to create works of art that still wash away with the next heavy rain. The only supplies you need are chalk in a variety of colors; some sealed plastic baggies; a rolling pin or other heavy object for crushing the chalk; scissors; paper towels; and water. This craft works best on a clear day with little breeze.

Choose a design for your painting. Open designs that allow for color fill work best. Coloring books are great places to look if you need design ideas. Decide which colors you would like to use for your design and place a piece of each color chalk into its own baggie. Seal the baggie and gently bang on the chalk in the baggie with a rolling pin or other heavy object until the chalk is reduced to powder. Be careful not to bang too hard as you may rupture the bag. Do this with each color you would like to use. Using the scissors, snip a small corner off one edge of each baggie. Lay the bags flat so that the chalk does not leak out. Keep a cup of water and some paper towels on hand.

Brush away any dirt or pebbles from your chosen spot and draw out a rough outline of your design with a neutral color piece of chalk. Starting with the smallest detail of the design, pinch the baggie containing your chosen color with your thumb and forefinger just about the cut. Gently rub your thumb and forefinger together to dispense the chalk onto your design. Dispense the chalk into the center of the desired area on your design and spread it out to the edges with your fingers to even out the chalk and cut down on waste. Repeat this procedure until your design is filled with chalk. Be sure to rinse off your fingers between colors to cut down on the amount of color bleeding. Colors can also be mixed to create an even wider palette.

After you are done applying all the colors for your design, you can smooth out the edges with a corner of a paper towel dipped in water. Gently wetting the chalk also keeps it from blowing away in the breeze.

Repeat these steps to create as many designs as you like. The wide variety of designs and open ended creativity of this craft make it an ideal activity for kids of all ages. You may even find yourself joining in on the fun and creating your own painting. After a day of creating, you will have not only happy kids but a brightly decorated driveway or walkway. After the next rain clears your canvas, you can start all over again.